January 20, 2023

Kabakoo x OIF x Alliance Sahel

Written by:
Leïla Keita

On Thursday, 3rd of June 2021, Leïla Keita, our Partnership Officer, is invited as speaker at the workshop organized by the OIF (International Organization of the Francophonie) and the Sahel Alliance on "Digital and Youth Employment in the Sahel", a theme that resonates perfectly with our action in the field. Other speakers included, among others, the regional director for the International Labour Organization and the Director of the Mauritanian National Employment Agency.

For almost 3 years, we have been working together with Sahelian youths to achieve success through locally embedded digital skills, know-how and soft skills in order to create value, sustainable jobs and address local challenges. Looking forward to discussing our learning model and its impact on youths. The challenges in the Sahel are immense but so is the potential of its youth!

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