The Kabakoo Learning Experience

Own your learning, shape the future.

Local Ecosystems x Active Pedagogy x Tech & Data x People: The core elements of our learning experience are woven together through the seven habits of Kabakoo. Acquiring these seven habits ensures our learners develop a mindset of growth and lifelong learning.


Learn by making real things

At Kabakoo, collaborative project-based experiences rooted in the realities of learners are the cornerstone of the learning process.

Learners choose the projects they want to work on. This experiential and collaborative approach allows to make good use of everyone's passion and thus improves not only the project outcomes but also the individual learning objectives.

The socio-cultural anchoring of the collaborative projects leads the participants to regularly go outside their own walls. This enables the learners to deal with the different faultlines on the ground such as languages barriers and territorial segregation, and depending on the projects, to accumulate local indigenous knowledges gathered on the ground.

Modibo S.

"I was fortunate to have the resources to attend university in my country but I have to admit it did not really help me as the courses there were really out of touch from my daily life. Once at Kabakoo, I learned in a couple of months how to create value and make a living while actively solving the problem of plastic waste around me."

Launched an upcycling business
during his training at Kabakoo
Aminata F.

“Everyday at Kabakoo, I learn something new. I have learned a lot from looking not only at technology but also at local traditions. I feel like we are really learning to realize our future and solve our problems together. We exchange our opinions, share our concerns and support each other.”

Developed solutions as part of our
learners taskforce against covid-19
Abeba B.

“Local and traditional knowledge are often pitched against modern and state-of-the-art technology. Marrying them requires a special appreciation for both the traditional and the modern. Kabakoo is built on such values that is why I appreciate being part of the communtity.”



Learn from and with your peers

Kabakoo means to wonder. Everyone is a wonderer. At Kabakoo, there are no teachers but coaches. Peer learning is paramount at Kabakoo. Because learning at its best is a social act that must take into account our strengths and differences.The peers are involved in learning not only through collaboration on different projects but also through new technologies allowing exchanges with remote peers.

Being learner at Kabakoo is being part of an active community dedicated for a better Africa.


Learn for lifelong learning

Our learners own their learning experiences. Our curriculum is designed within the framework of lifelong learning so that learners will never stop learning, even after their stay at Kabakoo.


Get challenged by strong mentors

A global network of professionals and entrepreneurs act as coaches and experts-facilitators. They guide and mentor learners, both online and offline. They are a valuable input source to make sure our curriculum is relevant and also for our learners who choose to become entrepreneurs.

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