• Learn by making real things

    At Kabakoo, collaborative project-based experiences rooted in the realities of learners are the cornerstone of the learning process.


    Learners choose the projects they want to work on. This experiential and collaborative approach allows to make good use of everyone's passion and thus improves not only the project outcomes but also the individual learning objectives.


    The socio-cultural anchoring of the collaborative projects leads the participants to regularly go outside the campus' walls. This enables the learners to deal with the different faultlines on the ground such as languages barriers and territorial segregation, and depending on the projects, to accumulate endogenous knowledge gathered on the ground.

    Example of projects

    Build a device to monitor air pollution


    Develop a solution for automating farm irrigation


    Prototype a device to transform organic waste into biogas


    Design and build a touchless trash can for a public room


    Build a machine to recycle plastics



  • Learn from and with your peers

    Everyone is a wonderer. At Kabakoo, there are no teachers but coaches. Peer learning is paramount at Kabakoo. Because learning at its best is a social act that must take into account our strengths and differences.

    The peers are involved in learning not only through collaboration on different projects but also through new technologies allowing exchanges with remote peers.


    Being student at Kabakoo is being part of an active community dedicated for a better Africa.




    "There is no project crazy enough at Kabakoo. Since I come to Kabakoo, I feel like everything is possible and that I can really make a difference."

    Djeneba K., student at the Bamako Campus

  • Learn for lifelong learning

    Our students own their learning experiences. Our curriculum is designed within the framework of lifelong learning so that students will never stop learning, even after their stay at Kabakoo.






    "I had to stop university because of lack of money. Now, thanks to Kabakoo I am learning state-of-the-art tech and how to use it for my community"

    Ousmane K., student-facilitator at the Bamako Campus

  • Get challenged by strong mentors

    A network of professionals act as coaches and experts-facilitators. They interact and mentors with students, both online and offline.

    They are a valuable input source to make sure our curriculum is relevant and also for our students who choose to become entrepreneurs.


    Meet our expert-facilitators

  • Ready to leapfrog?

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