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    Our intensive curriculum is designed for students to acquire and develop advanced leapfrogging skills in two years. Students learn fundamentals of digital fabrication and specialize in technologies for small-scale manufacturing. Our project-based pedagogy and our focus on local relevance ensure real-world success for our students.


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    Digital fabrication

    Coding fundamentals




    Movable factories



  • The Kabakoo Way

    Kabakoo Academies is a network of schools for small-scale manufacturing. We provide the African youth with the necessary agile skills for leapfrogging technologies. Less than one year after we opened our pilot-campus in Bamako in June 2018, Kabakoo has been recognized by the African Union and the UNESCO as a major innovation in the field of education.


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    "Kabakoo is an amazing experience. Learning how to leapfrog and learning from each other have opened new perspectives to me! In one week at Kabakoo, I have learned more than in one year at the university!"

    Daouda S., student at the Bamako Campus

  • Seven habits for success

    Our blended and project-based learning environment leads students to acquire critical competencies for success in a fast-moving world. They learn out to explore the world around them, know themselves, communicate effectively, create, connect and share their work with others, and reflect their thinking. Developing these seven habits help them land top jobs or create jobs as entrepreneurs.


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  • Learn agile leapfrogging skills

    Kabakoo is the school for a career in small-scale manufacturing. Either as employee or entrepreneur. Agile leapfrogging skills help you to understand and quickly learn the ever changing new technologies and use them in the highly dynamic African environments.


    To prepare you for your new life, you will learn the fundamentals of digital fabrication and different technologies such as 3D-printing and rapid prototyping. Everything happens within the framework of lifelong learning so that you will never stop leapfrogging, even after your stay at Kabakoo.








    "Kabakoo knows how to turn students with no prior knowledge into rapid prototyping talents."

    Marlène Amegankpoe, Executive Director of SCS International, a West-African leading agrobusiness

  • We believe in you, we invest in you

    Our schools are radically inclusive. Because everyone has the right to learn. At Kabakoo, you do not pay until you make a decent living. We are, just because you are. If you succeed, we succeed.


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  • Anyway, it's bigger than manufacturing!

    Understanding the world. Exploring one's self. Fighting internalized oppression. Saving the environment. Being an agile leapfrogger is not just about designing and building machines and products — it's about embracing complexity to shape better futures in Africa and beyond. Our students are creating solutions for challenges such as air pollution, waste treatment and more.

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