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We connect youth, local communities, and open-minded people from all over the world to collaboratively solve real-life challenges while using high-tech and indigenous knowledges. The Kabakoo Learning Experience equips young people in Africa with the skills to generate value by starting businesses, getting jobs, and overcoming gender inequities.

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Enjoy online learning with our network of professionals, paired with maker-space projects to make it collaborative and experiential.


Understand how to fuse high-tech and local indigenous knowledges to ensure the acquisition of locally relevant skills.


Develop a growth mindset while learning to learn, at your own pace and style.

Our impact has been recognized by

Learning agile leapfrogging skills

Our learner-centered curriculum is designed for learners to acquire and develop skills in digital fabrication and technologies for distributed manufacturing. Creative project-based learning and the integration of local knowledges are the cornerstones of our learning experience to ensure real-world success for our learners and alumni.

Ousmane K.
Learner and peer-facilitator,

“I had to stop university because of lack of money. Now, thanks to Kabakoo I am learning state-of-the-art tech and how to use it for my community.”

Launched an upcycling business
during his training at Kabakoo
Djeneba K.

“There is no project crazy enough at Kabakoo. Since I come to Kabakoo, I feel like everything is possible and that I can really make a difference.”

Found a job as iT specialist
after her training at Kabakoo

and locally grounded

An unique and worldwide acclaimed pedagogy blending high-tech and local knowledges to ensure real-life success


Boot-camps, workshops, and masterclasses with experts with a proven track record in their fields


Future-oriented learning with future-oriented tools; our data platforms help the learners to reach their individual goals


A learner-centered model to allow everyone to own their learning experience and grow at that own pace and style


The Kabakoo Way

Kabakoo Academies is building the world's first sustainability-focused EdTech by merging high-tech and indigenous knowledges to deliver transformative experiences. Our model of highdigenous tech education fosters localized innovation and successfully equips African youths with the necessary agile skills for leapfrogging into sustainable futures. In less than three years of operation, Kabakoo's unique model has been praised by the likes of the African Union, the UNESCO and the World Economic Forum as a major innovation on the global education landscape.


Get challenged
by strong mentors

A global network of professionals and entrepreneurs act as coaches and experts-facilitators. They guide and mentor Kabakoo learners, both online and offline. Our mentors are a valuable input source not only to make sure our curriculum stays up-to-date but also for our learners who choose to become entrepreneurs.


A community of wonderers, makers, and innovators

Learning at Kabakoo happens 24/7. The community is designed to enhance collaboration and learning. Our co-learning spaces are equipped with state-of-the-art tools for learning skills to own the 4th Industrial Revolution.


Seven habits
for success

Our blended and project-based learning environment leads youths to acquire critical competencies for success in a fast-moving world. They learn how to explore the world around them, know themselves, communicate effectively, create, connect and share their work with others, and reflect their thinking. Developing these seven habits help them land top jobs or create jobs as entrepreneurs.

Get challenged by strong mentors

Fady T.

“At Kabakoo I found a new home, a place where I feel accepted and valued. I can learn at my own pace and receive the support of other people facing the same problems as me; and also the support of professionals and international mentors which I never dreamt of having.”

Launched an agritech business
during her training at Kabakoo
Adama B.

“The workshops and the community are available 24/7, with all the knowledge we need; and it is financially really affordable. We can learn and believe in us. Kabakoo shows us that we all can be heroes.”

Launched an upcycling business
during his training at Kabakoo

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