January 20, 2023

Highdigenous Talks with Ange Tanoh, jewelry designer

Written by:
Leïla Keita

Which jewels to wear today for brighter tomorrows?

This Saturday, our #HighdigenousTalks series welcomes Ange Tanoh, a jewelry designer drawing her inspiration from the local cultures. With a few beads and cowrie shells she makes sublime works. Born in coastal West Africa, she now lives and works in the Sahel where she has participated in many exhibitions showcasing local handicraft.

Ange Tanoh will talk about her experiences and her artistic journey as a jewelry designer and also about her projects and goals as an artisan.

See you next Saturday at Kabakoo, or via the livestream. Let's cross-pollinate knowledge and skills together!

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Highdigenous talk with Ange Tanoh, Which jewels to wear today for brighter tomorrows?