• Everyone deserves success

    In less than one year of operations, in addition to being selected by the UNESCO as partner for its "Imagining Africa's Future" Programm, Kabakoo has been featured in the African Union's list of the most innovative educational projects of the continent. Moreover, thanks to our engagement in environmental education, Kabakoo has been selected as Non-State Actor in the global Coalition on Climate and Clean Air.


    We are because you are. Hence, we never stop iterating for the success of our students. We believe in our students. We invest in them. Additionally to health insurance coverage, Kabakoo can also provide living cost assistance. Just to make sure students can really focus on the most important: learn and grow to become agile leapfroggers.

  • The 7 habits of Kabakoo

    Our digital platforms allow the students to take ownership of the learning process. The 7 habits of Kabakoo and the platforms for tracking projects' progress build the basis for a formative assessment.


    The seven habits are to explore the world around them, know themselves, communicate effectively, create, connect and share their work to others, and reflect their thinking. The seven habits consist of 20 dimensions and 64 sub-dimensions. The students can therefore know precisely where they need to improve their skills in order to reach their goals.





    "The campus and the workshops are open 24/7, with all the tools we need; and we don't have to pay anything upfront. Just learn and believe in us. Kabakoo shows us that we all can be heroes."

    Adama B., student at the Bamako Campus

  • Expert-facilitators

    A network of professionals act as coaches for our students. They interact and mentor students, both online and offline. Our professionals are a valuable input source to make sure our curriculum stays relevant and up-to-date. Some of them also act as advisors for Kabakoo.


    Become an expert-facilitator

    Bankaly Kaba

    Investment banking professional with stints at BNP PAM, State Street and JP Morgan Chase

    Kwamou Feukeu

    Project Officer in Futures Literacy at the UNESCO and researcher in complex systems, Paris.

    Ryan Hoover

    Researcher in digital fabrication for biological systems at the Maryland Institute College of Art

    Achani Biaou

    Management consultant, Principal at the Boston Consulting Group

    Violet Su

    Consultant IoT for Agri & clean tech at Shenzhen-based SEEED Studios; Fab Academy alumna, Chaihuo x.factory ​

    Ebenge Usip

    AI researcher at Sorbonne University

    Elvira Pietrobon_Kabakoo Academies

    Elvira Pietrobon

    Architect and urbanist at Università Iuav di Venezia

    Nando Nkrumah

    Visual artist and industrial designer based in Germany and Ghana

    Albin Salazar

    Researcher in mathematical biology at École Normale Supérieure

    Marlène Amegankpoe

    Managing Director at SCS International, Mali

    Kewulay Camara

    New York-based poet and storyteller; using Mandeng oral traditions to tell stories of today and tomorrow's

    Abeba Birhane

    Researcher in cognitive science and IA ethics at Dublin University College

    Nefeli Paparisteidi

    R&D Engineer at EPITECH - European Institute of Technology

    Louis Catar

    Mechanical engineer and FabLab Manager at Arts et Métiers ParisTech

    Michèle Traoré

    International Account Executive at Havas Media International

    Florian Stremmel

    Head of Controlling at Sales Subsidiary Germany of MIELE

    Ali-Kémail Aydin

    Researcher in neuroscience at CRI Paris

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