Proven by practice and research

Our operations are guided by regular impact assessment. The Kabakoo Learning Experience
demonstrates its lifelong impact for our learners by igniting sustainable value creation and delivering future-oriented skills.

We measure success by regularly tracking the progress of our learners and their activities once they left us. In this context, we collaborate with researchers from institutions such as the University of Paderborn in Germany or the University of Witwatersrand in South Africa. 100% of our alumni/ learners would recommend Kabakoo.



Sustainable value creation

Learners going through our structured offerings are able to increase their income and revenues by a factor ranging from 3 to 8 times of pre-Kabakoo levels. They achieve such a huge outcome by designing and offering products and services responding to local issues in sustainable ways. Some alumni are for example pioneering circular economy while others are turning shea butter, a local raw material, into highly marketable products.


Soft skills for today and tomorrow

Having embedded futures literacy and the plurality of knowledges in our design principles, the Kabakoo Learning Experience ignites lifelong learning for thriving communities and a sustainable 4th Industrial Revolution. Among the learners of our 2020 batches, the incidence of a growth mindset increased by 105% and learners’ self-confidence increased by 47%. Moreover, 90% of our learners consider that their personal and professional situation has improved as a result of the Kabakoo program.

Recent research shows that the skills delivered by the Kabakoo Learning Experience lead to improved lifetime employment, income outcomes, and communities vitality.

Assitan Z.

"Kabakoo gave me the right mindset and methodology to create something useful and valuable for my own context. With my venture Kari SAS I turned the local shea butter into different products and now I struggle to keep up with the demand as my production is regularly sold out."

Launched a biocosmetics business
during her training at Kabakoo.
Boubou D.

“Since I dropped out of high school, my family was pushing me to go to Europe through the Sahara route. But at Kabakoo I became confident in my abilities to shape my life and my community. Now I am serving my clients with automated irrigation solutions I developed as part of a learning project at Kabakoo. And my family is now proud of me and even supporting me in my business.”

Launched an agritech business
during his training at Kabakoo


Delivering inclusive learning to African youths

Our highdigenous model allows us to train youths from different educational backgrounds without diploma prerequisites. 22% of our learners didn’t finish high-school.

Already 30% of our learners are women, a significant share for tech-oriented education. We also live gender equity in the Kabakoo community as we work toward gender parity in our cohorts. And since representation is key in women empowerment, we have 40% of female mentors.

Wondering about how Kabakoo learners create value for themselves and their communities? Explore some of their projects here:

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