January 20, 2023

This week at Kabakoo

Written by:
Ewa Maréchal

This week at Kabakoo, the series of connections with the PHI Centre of Montreal is entering its third week and will address tech and societal themes that are sure to be instructive: today, the connection on Artificial Intelligence includes a workshop on designing a machine learning model from a database. On Saturday, the Wellness series opens a reflection on the effects of social pressure on mental health, then in the evening we welcome Sahel Roots, a Sahelian duo that honors the traditional rhythms and instruments of West Africa.
As for our cohorts, our entrepreneurial learners continue to work on Design Thinking, no-code and 3D printing. The No-Code cohort is benefiting from a coaching session with an expert on the Zapier tool and task automation.  As for the Drone Tech & AI cohort, they work on the Python programming language and audiovisual shooting techniques.