January 20, 2023

Kabakoo gift for the Africa Day!

Written by:
Yanick Kemayou

Today we have a small gift from Kabakoo for the celebrations of the Africa Week.

When we started Kabakoo, we often faced the problem of finding suitable images for our communication materials in the available image databases. A problem other people in search of Africa-related images surely know. We hence started producing image material ourselves early on. Today, we have more than a thousand images in our archive, and more are added every week.

We are sharing them with everyone, to use it instead of those safari-style pictures randomly used, for lack of better, on any topic related to Africa.

We are sharing real pictures telling real stories. And we are making them freely available to you. Please use them as intensively as you can! So that together we can create and disseminate new narratives.

One Love, from Africa to the world and back. Happy Africa Week!

Kabakoo _ Group of young men focusing on a PC_Africa
Group of young men focusing on a PC
Kabakoo_Young woman assembling a drone
Young woman assembling a drone.
Kabakoo_Group Discussion_Africa_Design Thinking_Workshop
Group discussion