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Empower Africa’s new generation of innovators to steward thriving communities and ecosystems. Be a pioneer of learning for the ecosystemic era. Support us in rethinking tech education with local and indigenous knowledges.

To make learning work. For the youth. For the communities.

Don't let the hype mislead you. As most organizations radically working toward epistemic justice, we face a hard time fundraising and are pretty broke. So if our work and mission resonate with you...

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Radical Approach, Real Effectiveness

Supports general activities in our learning hub in Bamako (books for the reading club, fees for the Internet connection…)
Enables a young man or woman to go through the Kabakoo Learning Experience for one month. Ignites the basic active learning skills required for developing a growth mindset of lifelong learning.
Covers the costs for a learner for a whole year! Enables the learner to follow the nine-month Kabakoo curriculum. The amount covers all costs, so that the learner can fully focus on the acquisition of highdigenous tech skills to generate sustainable value via localized innovation.
Propels a group of learners solving a relevant and pressing local problem! The amount covers all costs from research to the realization of a working prototype to be validated by the local community. Examples of projects already realized by Kabakooers and adopted by the local communities are a system for small-scale plastic upcycling, devices for automated irrigation, vegetable-based bio-cosmetics...
Finances an entire building on our planned flagship campus in West Africa. It will be a fully sustainable campus built with local materials and knowledges while being compliant with state-of-the-art tech. We envision the campus to be THE learning place for all souls and minds radically challenging the status-quo in African contexts and beyond, a house of non-duality, emergence, and multiple bifurcations. Its vibrancy will simultaneously challenge the entrenched educational structures on the African continent while shaping the global discourses on alternative forms of knowledges and economic organization.
The Kabakoo Learning Experience is based on our ability to create impact by bringing together multiple constituencies with a model designed for scale. We have developed not only a unique but even more a highly scalable model. Furthermore, having built Kabakoo on our own resources, cost-efficiency is deeply ingrained in our DNA.


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Kabakoo is a registered non-profit with tax-exempt status in the European Union (France) and in Mali.

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Your support is essential to advancing our vision for ‘highdigenous’ innovation. At Kabakoo we believe that across Africa learning is broken because education is disconnected from the local contexts and knowledges. We can close that gap. Together. With highdigenous thinking.

Kabakoo is a learning platform equipping Africa's youth with the skills for localized innovation and the distributed economy. We connect youth, local communities, and open-minded people from all over the world to collaboratively solve real-life challenges while using high-tech and indigenous knowledge. In less than three years of bootstrapped operations, Kabakoo has established its highdigenous model on the global landscape of upskilling and livelihood innovations while training more than 500 youth. Our learners have developed a broad range of solutions already adopted by the local communities, for instance, small-scale plastic upcycling, anti-covid masks, devices for automated irrigation, vegetable-based bio-cosmetics, 3D-printed prosthesis…
Thanks to our multi-stakeholder approach and highly scalable mode, Kabakoo Academies was the youngest of 16 educational institutions selected worldwide by the World Economic Forum as “Schools of the Future” in 2020. We were also recognized as one of the most innovative educational projects on the African continent by the African Union and the UNESCO. Moreover, in March 2021, we were among the global winners of the Zoom EdInnovation Award, which recognized Kabakoo as one of the “boldest and brightest solutions supporting underserved students” around the world. Among the six winners, Kabakoo was not only the unique organization from the African continent but also the only one focusing on local knowledges.