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    What can we do?

    There is currently no clearly validated cure against covid-19. The only thing that helps to relieve patients is to provide respiratory support and other medical aids. Plus we can work to slow the pace of new infections by raising the awareness about the disease and its ways of transmission and increasing the use of masks in the population.

    As clearly formulated by the WHO in recent publications, we need to find the strength to look beyond our own borders if we want to defend our very basic humanity in this crisis. Especially the situation in African countries is alarming and need as urgent actions as everywhere else. Unfortunately, African countries do not have enough resources to care for all patients who will suffer from covid-19. According to the health authorities in Mali, for example, the country has only one respirator, and only 600,000 masks for a need of more than 5 million masks! It is our duty to find solutions at the local level. We need to work together now to develop local solutions which are affordable and suitable for use.

    Community-driven solutions are needed now! And we can all contribute

    How can we achieve that?

    We can help by developing

    • Low-cost respirators
    • Open-source medical devices that can be produced and maintained locally
    • 3D-printing activities for supplying spare parts of medical equipment
    • The general public awareness about covid-19 and its ways of transmission


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  • Local production of masks

    This team produce fabric masks with locally available materials by leveraging a vast network of tailors. Wearing masks is increasingly considered by experts as a major measure against covid-19! In addition, the local production of masks supports local handicrafts by bringing income to seamstresses and tailors whose activity is severely slowed down by the pandemic. This project also generates employment in the supply chain for the distribution of the masks produced.

    Design and production of medical equipment

    Open-source thinking and practice are the foundation of Kabakoo's approach. It is therefore natural that our community joins the many groups around the world working hard to produce medical respirators and ventilators. The advantage of such an approach, in addition to reduced cost and employment generation, lies in the development of local innovation and skills.

    Raising awareness and mobilizing local communities

    Through various grass-roots activities, the information about covid-19 and in particular about hygiene rules are disseminated to the population through a citizen-driven approach. As part of this awareness-raising, locally produced hydroalcoholic gel is also distributed at affordable price.

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