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    standing together against covid-19!

    At Kabakoo Academies, our communities of learners and volunteers has worked since the inception of the global pandemic for solutions to remediate the spread of the virus and slow down the pace of new infections for populations in the Sahel region.


    Kabakoo Academies launched a coalition which coordinated practical solutions on several fronts:

    1. We have mass produced certified facial cloth masks. From March 2020 until today we have produced around 100,000 certified cloth masks which have been distributed to the greater public and organizations active in the Sahel region such as GERES, Secours Islamique and the European Union.
    2. We have 3D printed face shields to help medical personnel to treat patients in a safe manner. 50 face shields have been distributed to the CHU du Point G in Bamako, Mali.
    3. A group of Kabakoo learners is currently building a low-cost open-source ventilator to help patients affected by the covid-19 virus.
    4. Kabakoo Academies has initiated the "Beat Covid Challenge" in which 8 of the best entrepreneurial initiatives against the pandemic are selected to receive access to Kabakoo Academies modules, access to mentors and up to 15,000€ of grant money.
      This challenge has been launched in May 2020 and will continue until January 2021 and is accomplished in collaboration with the European Union delegation in Mali, the Malian government (coordination office for the fight against covid-19) SNV (EJOM MALI), together with academic partners CRI and Universität Paderborn.

    As clearly formulated by the WHO in recent publications, we need to find the strength to look beyond our own borders if we want to defend our very basic humanity in this crisis.
    The situation in African countries needs as urgent actions and coordinated actions as everywhere else. Many African countries do not have enough resources to care for all patients who are or will suffer from covid-19. Therefore we felt that it is our duty as an education organization for sustainable futures to find solutions locally to slow the spread. Kabakoo Academies has been successful in working together to develop local solutions which are affordable and suitable for use.

    We have created a movement which became an international covid-19 coalition for West Africa!
    Developing local solutions for the greater public, young professionals and organizations.

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    External donations help us in our fight against covid-19. Kabakoo Academies is first and foremost a place for experience-based tech education to build sustainable futures in all aspects. Our relief efforts to develop remediating solutions against covid-19 is supported to an important degree by external donations like yours.

    Your donations help us to source the right materials for our community of volunteers to continue in their conception, design and local production of local covid-19 solutions fitting in the African contexts.

    We sincerely thank you for your support!

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    Where does your donation go?

    Everyone from the Kabakoo Academies team is working on a voluntary basis on the projects linked to covid-19. Your donation helps us to buy the materials that we need to continue to build a local manufacturing base of covid-19 response solutions which will in turn help in the creation of employment.

  • Local production of masks

    We have mass produced fabric masks with locally available materials and by leveraging a vast network of tailors. After recognizing the benefits of wearing masks early we were able to produce up to 100,000 masks to this day.
    In addition, the local production of masks supports local handicrafts by bringing income to seamstresses and tailors whose activity is severely slowed down by the pandemic. This project also generates employment in the supply chain for the distribution of the masks produced.

    Design and production of medical equipment

    Open-source thinking and practice are the foundation of Kabakoo's approach. It is therefore natural that our community joins the many groups around the world working hard to produce medical respirators and ventilators. The advantage of such an approach, in addition to reduced cost and employment generation, lies in the development of local innovation and skills.

    Co-created an international covid-19 challenge 

    Together with our international partners we co-created a covid-19 challenge to strengthen 6 of the best local initiatives for the fight against the virus. These 6 finalists have integrated since June 2020 Kabakoo and their project will be incubated until January 2021 to serve the most possible people.

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