• About Kabakoo Academies

    Kabakoo Academies was founded by Yanick Kemayou to solve a problem he himself experienced as young African on the continent: Going to school and even to university doesn't improve one's odds of making a decent living. Like many of his peers, Yanick found the solution in leaving his home country. While he has been fortunate enough to study and work at prestigious institutions in China and Europe, the initial problem which pushed him into migration keeps bugling him.


    Yanick decided to build a new type of school; one that empowers young Africans with knowledge actionable in their environments, one that uses peer learning and digital tools to improve outcomes, one that puts sustainability at the core of the curriculum, and one that helps students develop a lifelong-learning mindset. All that with an approach developed to give them valuable practical experience from day one.


    Less than one year after we opened our pilot-campus in Bamako (Mali) in June 2018, Kabakoo has been recognized by the African Union and the UNESCO as a major innovation in the field of education. Following the pilot-campus, Kabakoo is looking to fully deploy our unique and scalable approach for tech education throughout Africa.


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  • Our mission

    We accelerate the world‘s transition to distributed and sustainable prosperity by empowering the African youths to leapfrog into better futures. For them and their communities.

    We are a network of learning campuses with the mission to give African youths the means to discover themselves and build new ways of living together for today and tomorrow. We build agile leapfroggers who can embrace the complexity of uncertain and rapidly changing environments. Our approach to learning put wondering, as source of creative curiosity, at the center of a learning process dedicated to small-scale manufacturing and decentralized production systems in line with African realities.


    At Kabakoo we recognize and value the symbiosis between Nature and the Human. The symbiosis is lived through the sustainable architecture of the Kabakoo campuses which are constructions in local materials adapted to their environment. This increases the environmental awareness of the students.


    Kabakoo is radically inclusive. Because everyone has the right to learn. At Kabakoo, you do not pay until you make a decent living. We are because you are.

  • Kabakoo! A wonderer's manifesto

    We believe in Kabakoo because we wonder. Because we believe in the power of wondering.


    We wonder to understand, we wonder to create, we wonder to create our futures. Together.


    Wondering is a solitary practice but harnessing its fruits is a collaborative process. Hence, we wonder together. We wonder for a better Africa, for a better world. We wonder for healing the world.


    We wonder because we want our dreams and realities to be as colorful as the usual clichés of our realities and lives. We wonder to claim back our lives, to claim back our right for a humane future. We wonder why we sometimes accept the unacceptable. We wonder to do something against “what can we do?” aka “on va faire comment?” aka “if *** will”.


    We wonder to rapid-prototype the future of us.


    We wonder because it is what we are framed to do. We wonder like kids discovering life; wondering about the blue sky, the falling rain, or a random leaf on a random tree. We wonder because we do not take Nature and its beauty for granted. We do believe in Kabakoo because we believe in keeping the kids we once were alive, in listening to the kids we are.


    We wonder for finding a real anchor in the midst of chaos. Wondering together is an act of collective resistance. We wonder for that progressive universal utopia we will never achieve. We reach for the unreachable. We aim at this universal land of utopia, infinite like the eternal reflection of our deepest cravings. Because wondering for the better is a duty.


    Bamanan mythology teaches us that “Wonder” is just another name for the First Principle. Ancient Greeks tell us that wondering is the centerpiece of knowledge. We wonder whether we can wonder more.


    We believe in Kabakoo because wonder is the beginning and the end.

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