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    June 19, 2020 · Events
    Our founder Yanick Kemayou 柯亚宁 will discuss impact measurement in social ventures next Monday at the Paderborn University (TecUP - Technologietransfer- und Existenzgründungs-Center der Universität Paderborn). It will be an opportunity to share our experiences and work in achieving and sustaining...
    May 14, 2020 · Community
    Envie de t’investir dans une Startup EdTech, unique structure éducative de l’espace francophone labellisée par le Forum Économique Mondial comme « School of the Future » ? Kabakoo Academies construit le premier réseau d’écoles créatives pour les communautés et les villes africaines durables de...
    We are proud to share with you the following summary of the activities our community have been undertaking against Covid-19! All the solutions are produced locally and we have set up a local supply chain to meet the needs of the greater public, businesses, organization and health institutions.
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