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    Our academies are open 24/7. The campuses are built and designed to enhance collaboration and learning. They are built with sustainable architecture since research has shown that learning in a space built through sustainable architecture raises general environmental consciousness.


    Our academies are situated in typical low-income neighborhoods which are usually the most populated in African countries. Because we want our students to build a strong school community while being immersed in the population and its problems. We work with the people where they live.

  • Kabakoo Academies - Bamako

    Kabakoo Academies - Bamako is located in the sixth district of Bamako which is its most populated.


    In our Bamako campus, more than 80% of the raw materials for the construction – mainly earth and clay were sourced from a radius of less than 10 km to the site. The passive building and its self-regulating thermic properties due to both the construction technique and the used materials allow us to save more than 70% in energy needs.


    The furniture of the Bamako campus are made by Bamako’s upcycling artist Gadiaba Kodio and the blacksmiths of the Soukounikoura market who have decided to support us by supplying Kabakoo with upcycled furniture made by waste collected around Bamako.

  • Kabakoo Academies - Kayfido Gao

    Kabakoo Academies - Kayfido Gao will be located in the popular neighborhood of Sosso Kiora, not far from the Avenue de l'aéroport, which connects the airport to the city center. The campus will therefore be easy to access and strategically located not far from major city activities.


    Gao is a city with a very rich history. Built along the Niger River in the heart of the of the Sahel, it has been for a very long time an important crossroad. Today, it remains politically and economically very important in Mali, the capital of the region of the same name, Gao. It is one of the main center of trade with countries of the sub-region (Burkina Faso, Niger, Benin, Togo, Ghana), but also with Algeria and the Libya.

    Inside the Gao Campus



    Kabakoo Academies - Fiaferana

    The Fiaferana Campus will be located in the rural district of Fiaferana-Andepona which is only 21 km away from Antananarivo, the capital city of Madagascar.

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